A cinnamon black bear was foraging in a clearing (no this is not the beginning of a joke). I, my wife Kathy, and another tourist walked out into a field about a quarter mile away and started taking photos with our telephotos. I took this photo when the bear noticed us and the additional two or three dozen people that finally began gathering around us. That is when the three of us left. We figured we were the oldest and needed a head start in case the bear wanted to get closer. (2011)

It's always fun driving through national parks, because if you see a traffic jam, there is wildlife. Such was the case during our 2011 trip when we saw people standing along one side of a bridge just outside the national park, and cars parked along both sides of the road before and after the bridge. Of course, Kathy and I had to check it out and we saw this moose grazing on plants along the side of the river. (2011)

We started planning our vacation later than usual in 2011. I normally start making hotel reservations around January, but we were undecided where we wanted to go. We finally decided in early May that we wanted to take a major trip that involved Glacier National Park, Yellowstone NP, and Grand Teton NP, among others. I could not get reservations for the whole trip in July or August. So, I tried June. That worked. The trip went fine, but something unexpected happened. As we drove into Yellowstone on June 16 (my wife's birthday) it started snowing. I took this picture as we were getting off the main road to check-in at Old Faithful Inn. The sun was just starting to set, so the picture is a little blurry because of the longer exposure. But it was a shot I thought I would never get in Yellowstone, unless I went there in the winter. (2011)

We lived pretty far out in the country for a while outside of Hillsboro, Missouri. There was a wide assortment of birds, butterflies, deer, coyote, and even a fox. I was taking pictures of birds with my 500mm telephoto one evening and took this photo of a male Eastern Bluebird holding a bug. (2013)

I had been to Rocky Mountain National Park many times since 1976, always arriving in July and August; however, in 2016 I decided it would be fun to be there in mid-June for my wife's birthday. Imagine my surprise when I saw big horn sheep for the first time in this national park. (2016)